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Santa has a special message for your loved one! Whether they have been Naughty, or Nice...Santa can offer great words of encouragement! Imagine your loved one’s face when they receive their FREE, Personalized phone tcall from Santa Claus Himself! Christmas is going to be extra special this year. Goes hand in hand with Letters from Santa delivered from the North Pole!

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Letters from Santa

Amaze your child with a Personalized Santa Letter Package sent directly frtom the North Pole! A Santa package so personalized, your child will flip out! Only at!

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Personalized Call from Santa APP

Your child is gonnta freak out when they receive a personalized phone call from Santa himself! The award winning app is now available for Iphone, Android and more!

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Free Personalized Video From Santa

The all new, award winning North Pole Technology is back! A high quality video from Santa, personalized for YOUR child! Amazing!

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Free Personalized Nice List Guide

Your child will be good all year long with a FREE personalized nice list guide! The complete lis of what your child needs to stay on Santa's Nice List :)

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